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Ahlberg Audiology Consultation

One Day At A Time

We are spending time with a few articles focused on the acclimation period and process because it is often overlooked. Perhaps your hearing loss has evolved over 5, 10, or even 15 years. Adjusting to your new hearing aids will

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Education is a differientator for Audiologist vs Hearing Aid Specialist

Why An Audiologist vs. Hearing Aid Dispenser

An audiologist is a quality of life doctor who specializes in the auditory (hearing) and vestibular (balance) system to prevent, diagnose, manage, and treat hearing loss, balance issues, and related conditions.  Some people believe hearing aid dispensing (HAD) companies are

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Ear Candling Procedure Ahlberg Audiology

Ear Candling: Don’t Get Burned

Ear Candling (also called ear coning or thermal auricular therapy) is the latest alternative medicine that claims to, among other things, clear one’s sinuses, relieve earaches, improve hearing, and cleanse the mind. The procedure involves a patient lying on his/her

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Enjoying family time with your new hearing aids

Hearing Loss

On average, most people don’t know how to recognize the first signs of hearing loss because it most often occurs gradually and is an invisible issue that can be disregarded initially without realizing there is a problem. Many times it

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Medicare Does Not Cover Hearing Aids

Why Hearing Aids Are Not Covered by Medicare

We found an in-depth article to share with you if you are wondering why hearing aids are not covered by Medicare. As explained in The Hearing Journal February 2017 article, “hearing aids do not fall under the definition of a

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musician custom mold ahlberg audiology

Musician In-Ear Monitors and Custom Molds

Hearing is important to the livelihood of a musician. However, musical performance may create sounds loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss and can interfere with the musician’s ability to perform the daily tasks of his or her profession or

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noise too loud ahlberg audiology

How Loud Is Too Loud?

Every day we hear a variety of sounds. Sounds that are too loud, or loud sounds over a long time, can damage your hearing. The loudness of sounds is measured in decibels (dB). Learn the decibel levels for different sounds

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