Elderly woman and granddaughter with Halloween witch costume and pumpkins

Halloween Costumes and Hearing Loss

Halloween costumes shouldn’t impede hearing.

With 23% of Americans naming Halloween their favorite holiday, Ahlberg Audiology wants you to know that dressing up for the occasion can be compatible with hearing and hearing technology.

Masks and head coverings are common components of Halloween costumes which can be helpful to people who wear hearing aids but can also pose a challenge for hearing and speaking clearly.

Embrace Your Tech

If you wear hearing aids, you may not have thought to incorporate them into a costume, but they’re the perfect accessory for sci-fi-themed ensembles. Characters from Star Wars, Star Trek, and the Marvel Universe wear high-tech gear and futuristic clothing. Your hearing devices will fit right in and add a touch of authenticity that other people’s costumes won’t have.

Hide Your Tech

For some hearing aid users, particularly children, it may be preferable to disguise hearing devices rather than plan a costume around them. A wig, helmet, hat, headdress, or any other piece that covers the ears is fine as long as you avoid anything that presses, pulls, or gets tangled on the hearing aid. Also, hard plastic or metal headgear can create acoustic feedback — softer materials such as cardboard and foam may be better choices.

If You Don’t Wear Hearing Technology

Even if you have normal hearing, beware of costumes that may impede communication. Dressing up as Darth Vader might seem like a great idea, but what if you can’t hear well inside that huge helmet? A mask covering your mouth will also make it more difficult for the people around you to understand what you’re saying. Choosing a costume that relies on makeup rather than a mask is a better bet for good hearing and communication.

Getting into the spooky spirit doesn’t mean missing out on the conversation. For any other questions about hearing-friendly costumes or to make an appointment for a hearing screening, call us at (423) 641-0956! We’re happy to help with all your hearing needs.

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