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Cochlear Implant Patient Testimonial Cleveland, TN

Judy Varnell, December 2021


Today was an early six-month evaluation & mapping session with Dr. Ahlberg for my Cochlear Implant.  Life changing.  It has restored my confidence.  I can now converse with people, hear on phones, & and feel confident again.
Follow her recommendations.  She will guide you every step of the way, with empathy and caring. 
Thank you Dr. Ahlberg for helping me get my life back!

Dr. Klee was professional and great!

Sue Sharp
Cleveland, Tennessee 37312

November, 2021


Patient, Dennise Lee, standing at Ahlberg Audiology front desk

The service I received from Ellyn, Lynda, Hope &  Receptionist was awesome with respect and understanding & very professional & kind. 

Thanks for all you have done & are doing to help me with my hearing.

Dennis Lee

McDonald, Tennessee 37353

November, 2021


Very thorough!

Dan Hembree
Delano, TN 37325

August 2021

I love my hearing aids. It has changed my life. To be able to hear my granddaughter talking to me is such a joy. Thank you Dr. Tiffany! I highly recommend you and your staff.

Edith Azbill
Corbin, Kentucky 40701

August 2021

Excellent Service!  Always enjoy my visit.

Patsy Dunlap
Cleveland, TN 37311

July 2021

Dr. Ahlberg was great, very friendly, knowledgeable & helpful.  Listens to my issues & asks good questions.  Very pleased! Thanks!

Mahlon Tuck
Cleveland, TN 37323

July 2021


Eddie Moreland
Cleveland, TN 37312

July 2021

Thank you for changing my life to being able to hear.  The tinnitus is bearable now & I know will get better.  You all are awesome.

Norma Webb
Athens, Tennessee

June 2021


I can always depend on Ahlberg Audiology for prompt and dependable treatment.  Everyone has a caring heart!

Jane Hubbard

Cleveland, TN 37312
July, 2021

Very good service, great people.  I am very happy with my hearing devices.

James Pelfrey

June 2021


Awesome customer service. Professional doctor with friendly staff. 
Turning 80!

Gladys Russell

Athens, TN 37303
June 2021

Met w/ Ellyn; wonderful visit – helpful and instructive.

Bill Effler

Apison, TN 37302
June 2021

Richard Kellar
She (Dr. Klee) did great and everybody else (the rest of the team at Ahlberg Audiology).

Richard Kellar,  November 2020


Always wonderful caring ladies!  Love you ladies!

Lorraine Whitehorn, November 2020


Always helpful and concerned!

Zelma Dunlap, November 2020

Patient Testimony, Ahlberg Audiology
So pleased with the test diagnosis and explanation.

Sharon K. Brown, November 2020


Grace and Dr. Saleem Farag, November 2020

We are delighted with the great service and personal care. Thanks!
Thanks so much, Tiffany to you and all your office staff for making our time in your office so wonderful! We truly appreciate the service we received from you all. I just wanted to let you know that I feel jerry is doing absolutely GREAT with his new hearing aid. He is getting the hang of putting it in and out of his ear better everyday! The best part of all is that he is hearing better than he has in years and I can tell that it brings him so much more jo into his everyday life!!!! He is able to hearing the TV so much better, he can hear the birds singing outside and the rain failing on the roof, also he is able to participate in conversations and be a part of so many more parts of life, that most of us take for grandted. . . . . ! Thanks again for making us feel so welcome in your office and your sincere concern to see that Jerry could hear again!!!! You are the best!!!! Love Carol and Jerry!!!

Carol & Jimmy, October 2020

Rebecca Tillero, October 2020

Loving my audiologist! 🙏🌱❤️
Thanks to Blue Cross, I received a letter to encourage me to get started in search of the place to get my hearing aids.  Through TruHearing I was directed ro Ahlberg  Audiology.   How grateful I am. Feel as though I’m with my family doctor. Professional, Reassuring and caring from each staff member of Ahlberg Audiology.  
Ahlberg Audiology Testimonial Judy Hooper

Judy Hooper, September 2020

Wanted you to know that as I sit in my living room the day before Easter wearing my new Phonak hearing devices, I can hear birds singing and chirping in our backyard; something I haven’t experienced in many years. My wife, Andrea, is thrilled with my new ability to hear sounds and nuances as well. 
Thanks for helping me choose the right devices and then customizing them to fit my hearing needs. You and your staff are the best! 

Lonnie and Andrea McCalister, May 2020

Patient Testimonials Ralph Mills and daughter Christine Mills

Christine Mills and her father, Ralph Mills, March 2020

Tiffany made my Dad’s day.  He was happy with her hospitality and glad to have better hearing just from a simple cleaning.  Thank you!

Thank you for giving the gift of hearing! Hearing is clearly the most awesome experience!

Jonathan Womac - Athens, TN

Jonathan Womac, Athens, TN, April 2020

Found this place on T.V. saw Tiffany Ahlberg. I used to go to her when I was little so we decided to try it out. Got with Lynda Klee. She is amazing and helped me with the best hearing aid. These guys are awesome and a blessing. Y’all need to check them out.

Jessica Andrus, Patient Testimonial

Jessica Andrus, March 2020

Leatha Townsend, Patient Testimonial

Leatha Townsend, March 2020

I have been seeing Tiffany for many years, I am impressed with the service of all the staff. Thank you for being so awesome!

Love this place! Everybody is friendly and helpful – and they listen to what you want, really important.

Richard McKinley

Robert McKinley, March 2020

Mena Carey, Patient Testimonial

 Mena Carey, March 2020

God awesome service and great products. Love the hearing aids and staff. Great place.

His quote is one word “A-1”.

 Randall Triplett, February 2020

This is one of the most pleasant experiences. The staff were so friendly and cordial, it made it so enjoyable to be here. My wife and I highly recommend these folks.

Harold Gene and Sharon King, February 2020

Tiffany Ahlberg has been my hearing aid specialist for many many years. A few years ago Tiffany took a break from work and I had to use several other audiologists. There was no one else who could satisfy my hearing aid needs.

When I found out Tiffany was opening her own business Ahlberg Audiology I actually shouted with joy. Tiffany is the only audiologist that has ever understood and met my hearing needs. My wife and I really do appreciate and love Tiffany Ahlberg. Tiffany is not only my hearing aid doctor but has become a special friend because of her kindness and understanding. Tiffany and her staff are very professional and kind. Thank you, Tiffany!

Stanley Pendergrass and Dr. Tiffany Ahlberg

Stanley Pendergrass, February 2020

 Mr. & Mrs. Neil Sartin, February 2020

Dr. Ahlberg takes special care with her patients in providing the best aids and services.

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Sartin

VA sent me to Ahlberg for hearing aids in 2016. I could not have been happier with Dr. Tiffany and staff. Recently with move hearing loss I was determined to track them down for a test outside of the VA approval. Great staff and Dr. Tiffany is the best!

Dale Slunder

Dale Sluder, February 2020

Lugh Lemley

Lugh Lemley, January 2020

Everyone awesome. So helpful! Highly recommend!

The staff is so friendly and helpful. Dr. Ahlberg is very informative in explaining everything . Would definitely recommend to everyone.

Patsy Curtis

Pat Curtis, February 2020

Susan Ball

Very happy with service.  Friendly and competent people.

Susan Ball, January 2020

David B

 The best service in town. Always friendly.

David Bobenread, January 2020

Kathleen Calabrese, January 2020

 They are the #1 audiology group in Cleveland. I was a very difficult patient, as I would not accept the fact that I required hearing aids. The staff was so patient with my difficult process. They gave me the space and time I needed to come to the realization that I really did need them. My quality of life has improved so very much. I highly recommend Ahlberg Audiology and their staff of true professionals to everyone in need of hearing aids.

Tiffany has served my hearing aids and audiology concerns for a couple of years before she started her own business. She has always put my needs and concerns as her primary goal. Her concern for her clients is always number one with her. I am very grateful for her services over the years.

Frank Davis, January 2020

William G. Burt, January 2020

I have been using Dr. Ahlberg for 3 years. All the people I’ve met have been courteous and very knowledgeable about their jobs. I would not want to use anyone else and I recommend them to all my friends and family.

Thanks to Dr. Ahlberg for donating me a hearing aid.  First time I have heard in years!  God bless her!  And, the staff is great and the best!

Dr. Laura Ford and Kathleen DeFriese, August 2019

Kathleen DeFriese with Dr. Laura Ford, August 2019

After a few years of thinking that I needed hearing aids, six months ago, I decided to test the waters.  I started by responding to ads and following up on Google searches.  I met some nice people, but was confounded by the process.  It is not like buying anything else.  Reluctantly, I turned to the internet and invested countless hours of research.  There was one link after another and more YouTube videos that I can recall.  But finally, I was able to asked informed questions and make a few phone calls.

After some critical questions, Ahlberg was the only fully-qualified hearing aid provider within the driving range of Spring City, TN.  Soon, I as confident that Tiffany Ahlberg and her staff was the best provider available.

The points that became most important to me were:

  • A variety of hearing aids available; not just one brand, or even one model, that “fits all”
  • A hearing aid which has the specifications that meets my needs and desires
  • A provider that has the ability to assess and meet my needs and desires
  • The ability to afford hearing aids
  • Assurance that the provider’s availability will outlast me

I’ve been enjoying my new world now for about two months.  (At first, I thought someone installed new turn signals on our car.)  In short:  my wife asks ME what people say.

Now I hear people’s voices and conversation, not just words.  I’m hearing birds that were absent.  And music sounds SO real again.  By music, I am not just saying instruments or words.  Now music has melody and realism and depth that it hasn’t had for years.

I have four pre-programmed settings:

  • Universal
  • Music
  • Comfort
  • Impact

The Music setting gives “music” it’s realism and depth.  (I now have a front row seat for stereo recordings.  Plus, the night time music of crickets, frogs, and Zicadas both sounds real AND drowns out my tinnitus. 

The Comfort setting makes it bearable in very loud environments.

The Impact setting has eluded me.  I may replace it with another available setting:  Quiet, Transport, Urban, Party, or Social.

Additionally, there is an “Audibility Extender” feature AND “toggle” settings for Evoke’s “Zen” programs to mask tinnitus.

Widex has engineered “Echo Management”  I don’t know how this works, but I do know that I am not longer overwhelmed by resonating sounds.  (My condition is called “Hypercuity”, which is secondary to my having had brain surgery.)

Lastly, “In-Ear Verification” / “Real-Ear Testing” was a significant reason I selected Ahlberg Audioloyg.  This process assures you that your new hearing aids are FULLY restoring your hearing loss.  Without this process, you may enjoy better hearing, but never hear the best that you can.

But possibly the best testimonial for my Widex Evoke hearing aids is that one day I left home without them and missed them so much.

P.P,  Spring City, TN July 2019

I had an infection in my left ear in the early 1950’s caused by playing with a water hose. The inner ear infection resulted in a significant hearing loss. I adapted by sitting on the left side and/or near the front of the room through high school. I had surgery during college in the late 1960’s to make my left ear a “safe” ear because of reoccurring infections.

I got an amplifier type hearing aid for my left ear in the middle 1980’s. This amplifier improved my overall hearing but did not provide a way to balance my hearing. It was a stopgap measure until the hearing in my right ear started to fail. My right ear deteriorated steadily after I retired. Sound volume on the radio, on the TV, and in family/group conversations, frustrated me constantly. I went to Dr. Ahlberg for help.

After discussing my previous hearing problem and looking into my ears, Dr. Ahlberg tested my hearing. We compared the current hearing test with previous testing done on my hearing by my employer. We discussed how bad my hearing loss was at that time. I talk about my routine since retirement. I identified my needs based on work around the house and yard, wellness activities, shopping and small/large meeting and my family’s needs.

I was offered several hearing aid options based on function and cost. I selected a pair of hearing aids that met my requirements. I wore a demo pair for a short time period and return with my comments on meeting my expectations. Adjustments were made and hearing aids re-evaluated. I was satisfied with the changes made to the hearing aids, bought the type of hearing aid I was testing and wore the demo pair until my pair arrived.

Four years later, I am still wearing the same hearing aids that came with a 3-year warranty. I keep them dry as much as possible, cleaned them regularly, removed any wax buildup, and replace the batteries as needed about every 7-10 days.

I am pleased that I choose Dr. Ahlberg for the hearing aids and for the services provided.

PS: These are hearing aids but you still have to listen.

Patient Testimonial Ahlberg Audiology

Johnny Burns,  July 2019


Dr. Tiffany Ahlberg is the very best! She is always willing to help in any way. The office personnel are just as great! I always come away feeling like I got the best service anywhere. I hand her cards out everywhere I go.

Boots Snyder, July 2019

Doctor and staff are awesome. Everyone is so kind. The services are A+, would highly recommend.

Roland Cross, June 2019, Cleveland, TN

Roland Cross,  June 2019

Stephen Dunkle

Stephen Dunkle, May 2019

“Wonderful! Met Ms. Tiffany years ago (she was my first hearing aid experience).”

“She saved my marriage by fitting me with hearing aids.  The wife (red head) and I communicate so much better now.”

I can not say enough good things about this practice!  Dr. Tiffany is amazing!  She takes the time to make you feel comfortable and truly cares about her patients.
Thank you for everything you do!  You’re a tremendous asset to our entire community.
Christy Thompson-Buttrey Testimonial Ahlberg Audiology

  Christy Thompson Buttrey

Adam Behnen

Adam Behnen

Dr. Ahlberg is a great audiologist. Everyone in the office is fantastic and they provide great customer service. A friendly and caring office. They care about your hearing.

Recently my wife, Suzanne, had the opportunity to be fit with binaural receiver in the ear hearing aids by Dr. Tiffany Ahlberg of Ahlberg Audiology here in Cleveland, TN. Dr. Ahlberg gave an accurate and thorough evaluation of my wife’s hearing sensitivity and subsequently fit her with a superb amplification system that included microphones, amplifiers and receivers that were state of the art. These hearing aids have exceeded my wife’s expectations, as she is very active and in a variety of listening situations daily.

In the Cleveland area, we are indeed fortunate to have such a high level of hearing health care as that provided by Dr. Tiffany Ahlberg and staff. I would give Dr. Ahlberg my highest professional recommendation. As a clinical audiologist in Western, PA, I worked with otolaryngologists, otologists and audiologists on an ongoing basis for 25 years before retirement. As a fellow in the American Academy of Audiology (FAAA) and double certification in American Speech Language and Hearing Association CCC-SLP/A, I feel qualified to make this recommendation.

James B. Laird (retired), Audiologist/Speech Pathologist

John Henry, Patient Review & Testimonial

John Henry, Tampa FL, January 2019

I have been handicapped with hearing loss since childhood, and repeated attempts to improve my hearing with hearing aids have always been less and adequate.

About 12 years ago Dr. Ahlberg, fitted me with hearing aids and I heard birds sing for the first time. Over those years Dr. Ahlberg has helped me with me with my hearing problems and recently fitted me with the most advanced devices available.

Her up to the minute knowledge and genuine concern my well-being will bring me back to Cleveland, TN, even though I am now a Florida resident.  Tiffany Ahlberg is my Hero!

Over 10 years ago when I finally decided I needed to do something about my hearing, I started with an article in the Consumer Reports Magazine. It emphasized the importance of going to a Doctor of Audiology and one that represents several manufacturers.  It emphasized that a doctor is best trained to evaluate and deal with your hearing loss, particularly if it’s medically related.  Secondly, all manufacturers are not equal. Some have varied areas of expertise and the doctor needs options to best match your needs with the correct treatment and hearing instrument.

A second source and probably the most important came from a friend of my son who was 29 years old at the time and lived in Atlanta. He had worn hearing aids for 10 years. He told me, “The Doctor is as important as the hearing aid itself. Find a doctor you are comfortable with and you have confidence in. They need to understand your life-style, your job environment and what routine situations are important to you. Don’t settle for the first doctor.  If it doesn’t click, keep looking.  The doctor becomes your partner in hearing.”

After every appointment I think of this young man’s wisdom and how fortunate I am and also the residents of Cleveland to have Dr. Ahlberg providing this service. I have grown to appreciate the importance of finding that right partner.

Garry Nudd  – Cleveland, TN

If you are experiencing hearing loss and want help from a highly specialized Doctor, I personally recommend that you give Dr. Tiffany Ahlberg a call today.  I have been wearing Hearing Aids since 1992 with a fair amount of success.  However, my first encounter with Dr. Ahlberg was especially pleasant, unlike times in the past when I was dreaded going for an Aid check-up because I felt pressured to buy a new Hearing Aid and knew I would hear the merit of newer technology.  I immediately felt empathy from Dr. Ahlberg.  It was wonderful to sit down & actually have a conversation with a caring doctor that was interested making sure her recommendations were what you wanted & were comfortable with, and what she thought you needed.  Not one time did I feel pressured to buy a new Aid.  My needs were unique since I am deaf in one ear.  She worked with me for over a month before I actually bought a new Aid & I couldn’t ask for more personal attention or care.  There is help out there for your unique situation if you look & have patience.  I feel very fortunate I was able to find her.

Judith Varnell Testimonial Ahlberg Audiology & Hearing Aid Services

Judith H. Varnell

Ahlberg Audiology Testimonials Hearing Aids Widex Doris Burns

Doris Burns

For 15 years I owned three sets of the same state-of-the-art brand of a well-known hearing aid. They had worked fine for most of that time. Unfortunately, during the last two years, my hearing seemed overly challenged and had deteriorated to the point that I no longer felt confident to sing in the church choir.  And sadly, I could no longer sing duets with my music professor husband because I could not recognize many familiar melodies. The stress of losing my personal identity as a singer, entertainer was frightening.

We had already spent far too much on hearing aids, but in our quest to find a solution, my husband and I attended a seminar sponsored by Ahlberg Audiology & Hearing Aid Services for Widex Hearing Aids. The excellent presentation gave me enough hope to set a consultation appointment with Dr. Tiffany Ahlberg. Tiffany represents multiple companies which assured us that instead of pushing a one-size-fits-all hearing aid, she had options to choose the hearing aid that best fit my needs. I am not an easy customer because my experience in theatre and music made me acutely aware of subtleties in sounds.

After extensive testing, Tiffany loaned me a trial pair of Widex for a few days because their brand has great reviews for music. Even the loaners, without molded ear pieces to fit my ears, brought better hearing for me. In a noisy restaurant where my husband usually interpreted the waiter, I understood the waiter myself and the background noise did not overwhelm our conversation. In church, instead of understanding only 30% of what our preacher said, I understood 70%, and best of all, I recognized the melodies to most of the songs the choir and congregation sang.

Of course, we invested in a fourth set of hearing aids, but this time, Widex. My hearing is not perfect, but it is probably as perfect as it can be with my extreme losses. I am super happy to have met Tiffany Ahlberg and so grateful for the high-tech advances of Widex. I am joining the choir again and hoping to sing with my husband again. After losing hope for the last two years, regaining hope because of better hearing is a beautiful thing.

I have been a satisfied patient of Ahlberg Audiology ever since Tiffany opened her business.  I had been to two others and Ahlberg is the one that continually takes care of my hearing aids.

testimonials Jackie B Ahlberg Audiology

Jackie Barber

Sarah Ahlberg Audiology Testimonials

Sarah Wagner

Alhberg Audiology is in the hearing business not the hearing aid business.  Tiffany made sure I was satisfied and happy with my hearing aids.  She is a perfectionist.  They find the perfect type of hearing aids for each individual’s needs.

Professional and Helpful!

Patient Testimonial Ahlberg Audiology

John Burns

Alvin Davis Ahlberg Audiology Testimonial

Alvin Davis, Cleveland, TN

Tiffany has been my audiologist for a number of years.  I have had 4 sets of hearing aids.  The technology improves with each set of hearing aids.  Tiffany is very caring, patient, and fun to work with.  Tiffany works with the young, middle age and older.  She has a special bond with her patients!  My family loves her.

James Alvin Lee

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