We know you will have lots of questions as you make a decision on where to seek treatment for your hearing loss.

If you have any questions not addressed here, please call our office at   (423) 641-0956.

We offer a variety of brands and styles. We find that most patients want to take advantage of the latest technology and advancements with their hearing aids to get the most benefit with an active lifestyle.

If cost is the main factor for your decision making process, there are lesser expensive options available. We also provide financing and leasing programs as well.

There are many bait and switch ads out there. Beware. The truth is that lower cost is most likely dated technology and devices with less features.

Although this is often a good choice for the price-conscious patient, it is not apples to apples with the latest premium technology. Often those companies will lure people in with a lower cost item and then will focus on the more premium more expensive technology.

Many people who need hearing aids do not realize that the hearing aids do need on-going maintenance. Having an audiology office to call and schedule repair visits and adjustments turns out to bring huge long-term value to the product. The hearing devices only work as well as the programming of the instrument. That is why it is so important to have a professional to program the devices to your exact hearing prescription.

 Most insurances do not cover the cost of hearing devices and consider them elective. We are happy to check your benefit for you to see if you have coverage. If your insurance does provide coverage, we also file the benefit with your insurance.

Hearing tests are important because hearing loss is gradual.  We often are unaware of minute changes in hearing.  These small changes can turn into bigger changes over time and because it occurred over time it is difficult to recognize. 

Hearing aids are important because they provide an increased quality of life.  We often hear how hearing better has resulted in better relationships. Hearing and communication is our connection to other people.  Hearing issues can create isolation and can lead to depression and cognitive decline.  Better hearing equals a better quality of life.

Ongoing maintenance is very important for hearing devices. Hearing aids are small computer chips that are impacted my moisture, wax, dead skin and debris. As part of the maintenance in our office, we have tiny vacuums that fit into the ultra small parts of hearing devices. We also have professional dehumidifiers in the office in the case of a moisture emergency. We provide an 11 point cleaning and inspection at every cleaning appointment. Proper maintenance is essential to the longevity of instruments.

We provide instruments from every major manufacturer. We do this because every company has a niche that makes them the best for certain hearing losses or lifestyles. Whether you need the absolute smallest instrument available, a rechargeable device, an iPhone or Android compatible device, accessories for tv, there is a hearing device that is best for you, your lifestyle and hearing loss.

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