Cochlear Implant Services

Cochlear Implant Patient Testimonial Cleveland, TN

Judy Varnell, December 2021

Today was an early six-month evaluation & mapping session with Dr. Ahlberg for my Cochlear Implant. Life changing. It has restored my confidence.  I can now converse with people, hear on phones, and feel confident again. Follow her recommendations.  She will guide you every step of the way, with empathy and caring. 

Thank you Dr. Ahlberg for helping me get my life back!

We provide cochlear implant evaluations and post-surgical treatment. Think you’re a candidate? Our audiologists will test your hearing and speech understanding to determine if you meet candidacy requirements. We will answer all of your questions and guide you through the cochlear implant process. Following the procedure, we program the cochlear implant device and work with patients on their aural (listening) rehabilitation to hearing with a cochlear implant.


We offer Cochlear Implant evaluations.  The evaluations are performed after the comprehensive hearing evaluation determines that the patient may be a candidate based on the test results.  If the patient is identified as a candidate a referral to a cochlear implant surgeon will be made. 


There are 3 Cochlear Implant companies.  Cochlear, Med EL and Advanced Bionics. Our office works with Cochlear and Advanced Bionics to provide programming to implanted patients.

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