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Prioritize a Pre-Vacation Hearing Aid Clean & Check!

Make sure your devices are clean and functional before hitting the road.

Hearing devices help you communicate your best no matter where you are, so it’s key to lean into them when traveling. It makes those unforgettable on-the-go moments even more special when you have zero worries about the functionality of your hearing devices on your next vacay.  We are here to remind the community to schedule a professional clean and check for their hearing aids before they go on vacation, so they can make memories with dependable hearing and less hassle!

If patients provide their hearing aids the care they need before traveling, they can extend the life of their technology, reduce wear and tear, and help maintain the clear hearing they’ve become accustomed to at home. Imagine being in a new city, or even a foreign country, and having to locate an audiologist. It’s not ideal to search for hearing instrument help in an unfamiliar state, country, or language! A bit of prevention pays off big when it means you can enjoy every sound of your fantastic vacation with no stress over your hearing devices.

Like most electronic devices, hearing aids need love to stay in their best condition. Your hearing aids work tirelessly to provide your best hearing, contributing to your physical and mental wellness. To keep them in top gear, basic behaviors like protecting them from moisture, extreme temperatures, and potential damage from dropping should become second nature to the wearer early on. Going hand-in-hand with those behaviors, routine maintenance can significantly impact your device’s performance, just like a well-maintained car ensures a smooth drive and continued performance.

Many basic hearing aid maintenance procedures can be done at home. A simple tool kit and some household supplies make basic hearing aid maintenance a snap. However, while at-home maintenance is crucial, every roadster needs a skilled mechanic. A hearing professional’s tools can clean your devices far more efficiently than DIY efforts. Routine tune-ups and comprehensive clean-and-checks play a vital role in protecting your investment in these devices and keeping your auditory vehicle running smoothly — especially before a trip. It’s like taking your car to the mechanic for an oil change and new wiper blades.

Cruise into the audiologist’s garage for a pit stop, and let’s fine-tune those auditory engines for an amazing hearing experience on your next vacation. Contact Ahlberg Audiology for a tune-up appointment today — your ears will thank you, and you’ll be setting yourself up for the best vacation ever! To schedule your tune-up appointment today OR if you are ready to schedule your baseline hearing evaluation, call our Cleveland office today at (423) 641-0956, our Athens office at (423) 212-9110, or request an appointment conveniently online 👉

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