Communicating with a Mask

6 Tips for Communicating With Others While Wearing a Mask

By: Dr. Lynda Klee, Au.D.

Our new normal, for the time being, is wearing masks in publicMany places are requiring them now.  This can be difficult for people with hearing impairment.  One of the biggest challenges is that masks make it harder for the hearing impaired to understand speech.

When speaking to people with hearing loss while wearing a mask, be aware that your speech is lower and distorted.  These steps can help:

  1. Speak slowly, clearly and at a normal volume
  2. Be sure hearing aid users have them on
  3. Rephrase remarks when not understood
  4. Keep background noise in the room to a minimum
  5. Take turns when speaking
  6. Face each other (at a safe distance)

If someone is not responding to you when you are communicating with a mask on, it is very likely they simply did not hear or did not understand you. And, they may not be aware.

It’s important, now more than ever, that we help one another during this time. Not being able to communicate can cause us to have increased feelings of isolation. Simply by being aware makes a world of difference. Use these tips listed above. And, let’s all get through this ‘COVID-19’ pandemic together.

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