airpods used as hearing aids

Can AirPods be used as hearing aids?

With the recent updates to iOS, iPhones can be used along with AirPods can help you hear a conversation in a noisy area or even hear someone speaking across the room. The new Apple update has a feature to use AirPods as an amplifier.  This may help those with a mild hearing loss make sounds louder, but is not a substitute for a real hearing aid. The amplification is not 100% perfect, and AirPods won’t work for more severe hearing losses. This feature may be a gateway hearing amplifier for those that are just starting to notice hearing loss and want to initiate increased hearing with a simple amplification system. 

The feature is Listen Live.

Technology has drastically improved over the years. So, if you are interested in seeing the latest devices other than the Apple Airpod and Listen Live feature call our office (423) 641-0956 and schedule a hearing evaluation appointment. It truly makes a difference to know your hearing results to determine the best hearing aid device for you.

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