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Spring’s About to Be Buzzing, Guard Your Hearing

Guide to safeguarding your hearing this spring.

Spring is about to bust out all over and bring us sunnier, longer days. Bees will be buzzing, but so will the leaf blowers! Activities, hobbies, and chores that have been frozen in time since the leaves fell will be roaring back to life. Our office has compiled a quick spring hearing guide to help you safeguard your ears from potential harm caused by seasonal noise.

Do It Yourself, but Not at the Cost of Your Hearing

Spring is a great time to work on your house and yard. Wood or metal shops and power tools, commonly used during spring home-improvement projects, can generate high noise levels, enough to permanently damage your hearing. Ahlberg Audiology advises using ear protection, especially for tools like hand drills, power mowers, and power saws.

Concerts, Sporting Events, and Fireworks: Rock the Party but Protect Your Ears

Whether cheering for your favorite team, grooving to your favorite band, or taking in the fireworks, hearing protection is very important. The noise of these springtime festivities can reach levels that cause hearing damage. Our office advises standing a good distance away from any speakers and using quality earplugs like the ones tailored for musicians, providing clear sound replication and reduced listening fatigue.

If You Wear a Helmet, Don’t Forget Your Hearing Accessories

Motorcycle riding is undoubtedly cool, but the engine noise can reach dangerous levels, equivalent to a jet taking off. To maintain focus on the road and protect your hearing, custom in-ear monitors (which fit under a helmet) for hands-free communication and seamless music streaming is recommended, providing both safety and enjoyment while you’re cruising.

What You Can Do to Protect Your Hearing:

  • Earplugs: Choose flanged earplugs for clear speech while limiting volume. Foam or silicone constructions are recommended for additional decibel reduction.
  • Earmuffs: Opt for soft, padded ear cups with a slim headband for comfort. Foldable and easy-to-carry options are available for convenience.
  • Musician earplugs: These earplugs preserve the quality of sound, offering clearer and more natural sound while reducing listening fatigue.

If you are ready for your baseline hearing evaluation, please request an appointment online at www.ahlbergaudiology.com/appointments or call us at (423) 641-0956.

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