What are MFI Hearing Aids (Made for iPhone Hearing Aids)?

MFI hearing devices (Made For iPhone), Made For Android hearing aids, Made For Any Phone hearing solutions and finally Bluetooth compatible hearing devices, so many options, all with their own benefits and pitfalls. Made For iPhone hearing devices have been around for the longest time. MFI hearing aids will connect directly to iPhones and iPads without the aid of an intermediary streamer for connection to their app and streaming audio and calls. The system was set up in collaboration with Apple and has been around since 2014.

It is also important to note that MFI hearing aids will not connect directly to computers, laptops or Android tablets for audio streaming. A few manufacturers are using this same Bluetooth to pair to newer Android devices. 

In general, Made For iPhone is pretty stable, the connection is usually pretty good. One of the issues though is that every time Apple does an update, or introduces a new phone, it may cause problems with your connection. When it does, it usually takes the hearing aid manufacturers a couple of weeks to sort it out. This has been a consistent issue over the years.  The instability can usually be repaired by unpairing and repairing the hearing devices to the phone and doing a hard restart of the phone on a daily basis. It is also recommended that all apps and windows are closed on the phone daily. 

Made For Android hearing devices have been around for several years.  Until recently they would connect to Android phones and tablets but did not directly connect without the use of an intermediary streamer to stream audio and take calls.

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