Considering Hearing Aids?

Try a pair of Unitron Moxi demo devices and wear them in your personal listening environments for two weeks!

Are you at a point where you are seeing the need for hearing aids?  Perhaps you’ve noticed you have to ask people to repeat themselves?  Has your spouse mentioned you may need to get your hearing checked lately?  Does your family ask you to turn down the TV because you have it turned up too loud? Is it hard to hear conversation when you are out to eat at restaurants with friends?

On March 26, we have a special opportunity for you!

Research shows hearing aids improves the overall quality of life in patients who wear them.

March 26 Ahlberg Audiology Event

Special Event - March 26

Special Guest, Specialist Dr. Laura Gifford will be onsite to discuss hearing loss and benefits of hearing aids.

When you sign up, we will call you to schedule your 45-minute spot just for you!
Time Spots are between 11:30 – 3p.

Hearing Presentation

Learn about hearing loss & how hearing aids can improve your overall quality of life!

Perhaps you’ve been waiting on improved technology!  On March 26, bring with you questions as you consider hearing aids to help solve your hearing problems.

unitron moxi demo

The devices (Tempus by Unitron) we have for you to try are receiver in the canal. This style is very small, discreet & comes in a large variety of colors.

Unitron is one of the only brands of devices compatible with any cell phone with Bluetooth capabilities.

Unitron has Tempus technology to help with background noise in difficult listening situations.

2-Week trial

By participating in this event on March 26, you will have the opportunity to wear these demo hearing aids for up to two weeks in your personal listening environments.

First-hand, you will see how just how easy it is to connect your hearing aid to your cell phone & enjoy the benefits of
greater real-time control in your day-to-day.

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