sporting needs for hearing protection

Industrial & Hunting/Recreational Custom Plugs

Musicians aren’t the only ones who need protection from loud sounds. Whether you work around loud noises with your daily job, or you enjoy going to concerts or shooting firearms on the weekend, custom hearing protection can be made for all needs. There are several companies that make occupational and recreational hearing protection devices. They provide users with their own personal defense against noise-induced hearing loss. These devices are made to optimize attenuation, comfort, fit and durability.
For hunters, or other users that experience high-level impact noise environments, there are custom pieces that can be made specifically for these loud impulse noises. There is an option to get a custom earpiece that attenuates in the presence of impact noise allowing hunters to hear clearly until the weapon is fired. It provides users with maximum protection during shots. This can also work for people who are around other types of high-level impulse noises. Another option is available for amplified hunting molds that amplify sounds and then shut off to protect hearing when a gun shot is identified.
Custom hearing and ear protection can be made for a variety of hobbies and activities. Whether you are into motorcycling, swimming, live music, or even sleeping, there is a custom-fit hearing protection device that can fit your lifestyle. Hearing protection devices are available in several designs, colors, and styles.

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