CapTel Phones

Free Captioned Telephones

Similar to captioned television, CapTel uses advanced technology and captioning agent to quickly provide written captions of what callers say on a large, easy-to-read screen. It works like a regular telephone, simply dial an answer calls as usual and view nearly instant captions. There are no monthly fees or contracts required.

CapTel is FREE with a professional certification form completed by an Audiologist.

Come into Ahlberg Audiology today to have one of our Audiologists fill out and send a form. The CapTel representative will contact you to set up the free installation and training on the CapTel phone.

You will need a hearing evaluation if you are not yet already a patient of ours.

To receive CapTel, you will need:

  1. A medically-recognized hearing loss
  2. An internet connection
  3. A standard home telephone connection (landline)

For more information, please call our office today at (423) 641-0956.

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