Diagnostic Evaluation, Ahlberg Audiology & Hearing Aid Services

step 1


  • Consultative discuss to learn about your lifestyle and environments
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Discuss your budget
  • Review all of your options for hearing aid solutions
Step 2 of the Journey to Better Hearing

step 2


  • Scheduled visit back in the office to discuss any issues you are having
  • Make adjustments as necessary
  • Personalized adjustments
  • Real ear measurements
Step 3 Maintenance of Steps to Better Hearing

step 3


  • Here when you need us in-between scheduled visits
  • Cleaning, Adjusting
  • Accessories
  • Repair
  • Loaner hearing aids available
  • Routine hearing tests to monitor your hearing over time

We look forward to helping you on your journey to better hearing.
We are committed to meeting your distinctive needs and ensure a better quality of life for you through better hearing.

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