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If you are experiencing hearing loss and want help from a highly specialized Doctor, I personally recommend that you give Dr. Tiffany Ahlberg a call today.  I have been wearing Hearing Aids since 1992 with a fair amount of success.  However, my first encounter with Dr. Ahlberg was especially pleasant, unlike times in the past when I was dreaded going for an Aid check-up because I felt pressured to buy a new Hearing Aid and knew I would hear the merit of newer technology.  I immediately felt empathy from Dr. Ahlberg.  It was wonderful to sit down & actually have a conversation with a caring doctor that was interested making sure her recommendations were what you wanted & were comfortable with, and what she thought you needed.  Not one time did I feel pressured to buy a new Aid.  My needs were unique since I am deaf in one ear.  She worked with me for over a month before I actually bought a new Aid & I couldn’t ask for more personal attention or care.  There is help out there for your unique situation if you look & have patience.  I feel very fortunate I was able to find her.

Judith H. Varnell

Ahlberg Audiology Testimonials Hearing Aids Widex Doris Burns

Doris Burns

For 15 years I owned three sets of the same state-of-the-art brand of a well-known hearing aid. They had worked fine for most of that time. Unfortunately, during the last two years, my hearing seemed overly challenged and had deteriorated to the point that I no longer felt confident to sing in the church choir.  And sadly, I could no longer sing duets with my music professor husband because I could not recognize many familiar melodies. The stress of losing my personal identity as a singer, entertainer was frightening.

We had already spent far too much on hearing aids, but in our quest to find a solution, my husband and I attended a seminar sponsored by Ahlberg Audiology & Hearing Aid Services for Widex Hearing Aids. The excellent presentation gave me enough hope to set a consultation appointment with Dr. Tiffany Ahlberg. Tiffany represents multiple companies which assured us that instead of pushing a one-size-fits-all hearing aid, she had options to choose the hearing aid that best fit my needs. I am not an easy customer because my experience in theatre and music made me acutely aware of subtleties in sounds.

After extensive testing, Tiffany loaned me a trial pair of Widex for a few days because their brand has great reviews for music. Even the loaners, without molded ear pieces to fit my ears, brought better hearing for me. In a noisy restaurant where my husband usually interpreted the waiter, I understood the waiter myself and the background noise did not overwhelm our conversation. In church, instead of understanding only 30% of what our preacher said, I understood 70%, and best of all, I recognized the melodies to most of the songs the choir and congregation sang.

Of course, we invested in a fourth set of hearing aids, but this time, Widex. My hearing is not perfect, but it is probably as perfect as it can be with my extreme losses. I am super happy to have met Tiffany Ahlberg and so grateful for the high-tech advances of Widex. I am joining the choir again and hoping to sing with my husband again. After losing hope for the last two years, regaining hope because of better hearing is a beautiful thing.

James Scoggins

Best doctor I have!

I have been a satisfied patient of Ahlberg Audiology ever since Tiffany opened her busines.  I had been to two others and Ahlberg is the one that continually takes care of my hearing aids.

testimonials Jackie B Ahlberg Audiology

Jackie Barber

Sarah Ahlberg Audiology Testimonials

Sarah Wagner

Alhberg Audiology is in the hearing business not the hearing aid business.  Tiffany made sure I was satisfied and happy with my hearing aids.  She is a perfectionist.  They find the perfect type of hearing aids for each individual’s needs.

Professional and Helpful!

Patient Testimonial Ahlberg Audiology

John Burns

Alvin Davis Ahlberg Audiology Testimonial

Alvin Davis, Cleveland, TN

Tiffany has been my audiologist for a number of years.  I have had 4 sets of hearing aids.  The technology improves with each set of hearing aids.  Tiffany is very caring, patient, and fun to work with.  Tiffany works with the young, middle age and older.  She has a special bond with her patients!  My family loves her.

James Alvin Lee

Betty A. Smith, Testimonials, Ahlberg Audiology, Hearing Aids, Cleveland, TN

Betty A. Smith, Cleveland, TN

Dr. Tiffany is the best ear doctor ever. She is such a caring doctor and is interested in your needs. I appreciate her so much. I would promote her to all.

I am well pleased with the service from Dr. Ahlberg and her staff.

William Burt

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