Ear Wax MD, Cleveland, TN

Earwax MD


  • New, fast acting formula quickly dissolves excess or impacted cerumen
  • Begins dissolving cerumen in 5 minutes with most impactions being dissolved in 15 minutes
  • Greater than 85% of all ears had a total clearing of cerumen after 1 or 2 treatments
  • In a clinical study, Earwax MD was proven to dissolve excess earwax.  This product helps avoid discomfort such as itching and a feeling of fullness in the ear.
  • Need something powerful to clean sticky wax buildup out of your ears? If so, Earwax MD is for you. Earwax MD is a safe product that has been clinically proven to dissolve and clean away unwanted earwax. It uses new, patented technology that works quickly!
  • Can you believe there has been little to no innovation in earwax removal drops since the 1960’s? Time to toss the antiquated solutions, and roll out something that really works! Believe it or not, earwax serves a purpose in your body and has many beneficial properties. However, it must be properly maintained in order to reap the full benefits and prevent problematic symptoms of impacted earwax.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions included.
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